Single-Stream Recycling

We´ve streamlined the stream.

ReCommunity is at the forefront of scaling single-stream recycling systems and is in the process of deploying state-of-the-art single-stream recycling facilities in communities throughout North America.

What does single-stream mean?

Unlike previous (dual-stream) recycling methods, where separating individual materials was required, single-stream technology does not require home owners, businesses and schools to separate individual recyclables (paper, glass, aluminum and plastics) from another into separate bins. Now all recyclables can be placed in single, larger rolling bins. This reduces everyone’s time, increases recycling and community participation.

The Nation’s Most Automated and
Efficient Material Recovery Facilities.

ReCommunity brings a host of patented technologies and processes together to transform the way communities deal with their valuable resources. We are committed to making recycling easier for the communities we serve. Today, we operate some of the most automated and efficient Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) in the nation, and we’re always welcoming new partners who want to share in our commitment and expertise in designing, building and operating them.

Recovering even more resources

Right now, we’re working with communities that want to recover even more from their waste streams. With state-of-the art processing capabilities and a community-centric partnership model, we are committed to delivering innovative solutions that are specifically tailored to the individual resource streams of our community partners.

Multimaterial Processing

Because innovation isn’t limited to one recyclable only.

Our Material Recycling Facilities are designed to handle multi-material processing, including paper, plastics, glass and various metals. These facilities are among the most efficient and highly-automated in the nation, processing and recovering more than a million tons of recyclables per year.

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