Our Spin on Revolutions.

History has witnessed the evolution of economies and lifestyles through a series of revolutions. First came the agricultural revolution, followed by the industrial revolution and, most recently, the information revolution helped transform how we work, live, socialize and communicate.

Now, think about the world we live in today. Natural resources are running low. Commodity prices are rising. The population is expanding. Resources that used to be abundant are no longer going to be plentiful.

The foundation of an industrial economy is built upon; (i) the extraction of raw materials, (ii) converting those materials into useful products and (iii) consuming those products until the end of their useful life, which historically has meant the (iv) disposition of those end-of-life products into landfills. This simply no longer makes economic or ecological sense.

It’s time to usher in a new revolution; a revolution of resource recovery and sustainability, where the very valuable resources contained in end-of-life products are once again transformed into useful products.


Welcome to The Recovery Revolution™

ReCommunity's revolutionary mission is to reposition waste as a strategic community resource, instead of a growing liability. ReCommunity enables its community partners to generate additional revenue, recover community-owned resources, create new jobs, fund budget shortfalls and reduce their carbon footprint.

We’re committed to this powerful idea. We are committed to continuous innovation and the vision of zero waste. Our community-centric vision demands a special brand of imagination, enterprise, courage and confidence to dramatically reduce the volume of landfilled waste through conversion into useful products such as recycled commodities, low-carbon fuel, biofuels, and other value-added recycled products.


Don’t go with the flow, change it.

Better communities start here. A better world starts now.

At the heart of the ReCommunity Recovery RevolutionTM are community-centric people with a culture of service-integrity-sustainability and a deep belief in the simple, yet powerful idea that communities should control and realize the full value of their own resources. ReCommunity exists to help communities everywhere; providing innovative solutions to divert, recover and transform valuable materials from landfills to generate revenue, create new jobs and more. It’s time to do more than just recycle. It’s time to join the Recovery RevolutionTM.

It’s time to join the Recovery Revolution.

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